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    Welcome to Lion's Den! Lion's Den is a comeptitive clan that plays mostly MLG and some arena. Members of Lion's Den gain loyalty, trust, and keep composer win or lose. We train our members on training days and 1v1's. Some tips that are given on training day are weaving, strafing and sensitivity. These tips are taught hard by the Red Lion Division members to the lower ranks to improve skill and sometimes to other Red Lion Division members. Lion's Den has tons of clan battles usually every Friday, Saturday and sometimes Sunday. In clan battles we do 4v4 MLG settings zero bloom on MLG maps preferbally Sanctuary. We do slayer and CTF.

Now onto Division Lion's Den has 3 Divisions.

The First Division is Blue Division this division is a new recruit for the clan or someone who needs more training. Blue members train a lot and participate in few clan battles.
This is the ranking structure for this division.
# Recruit
# Corporal
# Sergent

Once your a Sergent which does not take long to get to you rank up to Green Lion Division.

Green Lion Division is the second division in the clan these members compete in a lot of clan battles and are allowed to recruit. Before a Green Lion can rank up to Red they must recruit one member for the clan and have participated in 2 clan battles. When they recruit the member they must 1v1 them for their division rank.
This is the ranking structure for this division.
#Sergent Major
#LT. Colonel
# Colonel

You rank up in this Division by how well you do in clan battles or recruitment.

The Final Division is the Red Division these members are some of the best in the clan. They half to recruit at least 3 members to be in Red and have competed in 5 clan battles. If your in Red Division you can recruit and setup clan battles or FFA tournaments.
Ranks for this division.
# Brigadier
# Field Marshall
# General

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